Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old Vid but Still Intersting

      I know a lot of you must have seen this already but I still like to talk about it.A long while ago I saw this video on youtube and I said to myself, "what the hell am I watching?" Most of you have probably agreed that as it was playing, you didn't understand anything about it but a dog and a sad boy. However, until you saw the end of the video you would not have realized that what you just watched was a chip commercial.
      Now I can tell you now that when I watched this video, that while ago,  I wouldn't have wanted to go to Japan because what I saw was confusing and traumatizing. Of course i didn't base my judgment on that one video, I started watching other Japanese commercials and realized it is a weird place.
     As I got older, my attitude towards things like these changed. It started to interest me more than it has when I was younger. Instead it had me curious, and because of that I would really like to explore Japanese pop-culture (and the traditional culture too). I guess that maturity is what changes your mindset. It's what we realize later in life. See you next post!


  1. Are they selling dog meat in a bag or something?

  2. The part where the dog is walking is going to give me nightmares!

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