Monday, September 20, 2010

Back Again.......from a brief break

Alright I'm sorry again to have abandoned my post as a blogger for sometime
More bust work had to be done because of my job search! |

Since I just thought about the subject right at this moment..................
Lewis Black is one of my all time favourite comedians, every time a watch a performance of his, it never gets old. I love how the humor is both vulgar and smart, that is why I really enjoy his performances so much. Being a person who uses vulgar language a lot and all makes the experience entertaining

Are there any comedians you enjoy as much as I enjoy Lewis Black?
If you want you can tell me about one in the comments or refer me to another comedian (preferably one I haven't heard of)


  1. I hear ya on the job search. Good luck.

  2. no worries :) job searching blows anyways! i've never heard of lewis black :/ haha i know i know but dave chappelle on the other hand...