Friday, October 1, 2010

Pennies, piss me off, but are still needed

I suddenly decided to just look and my wallet. I see pennies flooding out of my wallet and it really pisses me off.
It's a load of crap. Then I said to myself, "[If they remove the penny, how will our money system work?"
Well, it would have to be made up of nickels and dimes but how about tax? Will they just adjust it to affirm it? So i just stopped getting worked up about it.

anyways this is a quick one for now.....ill probably jst edit it later so that it looks like I put a lot of effort into it. just saying for now......i had to rush it

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old Vid but Still Intersting

      I know a lot of you must have seen this already but I still like to talk about it.A long while ago I saw this video on youtube and I said to myself, "what the hell am I watching?" Most of you have probably agreed that as it was playing, you didn't understand anything about it but a dog and a sad boy. However, until you saw the end of the video you would not have realized that what you just watched was a chip commercial.
      Now I can tell you now that when I watched this video, that while ago,  I wouldn't have wanted to go to Japan because what I saw was confusing and traumatizing. Of course i didn't base my judgment on that one video, I started watching other Japanese commercials and realized it is a weird place.
     As I got older, my attitude towards things like these changed. It started to interest me more than it has when I was younger. Instead it had me curious, and because of that I would really like to explore Japanese pop-culture (and the traditional culture too). I guess that maturity is what changes your mindset. It's what we realize later in life. See you next post!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back Again.......from a brief break

Alright I'm sorry again to have abandoned my post as a blogger for sometime
More bust work had to be done because of my job search! |

Since I just thought about the subject right at this moment..................
Lewis Black is one of my all time favourite comedians, every time a watch a performance of his, it never gets old. I love how the humor is both vulgar and smart, that is why I really enjoy his performances so much. Being a person who uses vulgar language a lot and all makes the experience entertaining

Are there any comedians you enjoy as much as I enjoy Lewis Black?
If you want you can tell me about one in the comments or refer me to another comedian (preferably one I haven't heard of)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Wondering #1

Just wondering.........
If you were to land on Mars and start a colony, how would you set up your government?
I want
a) the structure
b) the responsibilities of the sections(if any)

you can also make some laws if you want.
you can apply any system of government you choose.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Can't Believe School has Already Come

Its been one day of school and I'm already tired of it.
It has been just too exhausting to do anything anymore. The teachers I have are fine, my classmates are fine, it is just the whole atmosphere of the school is so..............tiring I guess. A lot of what is being taught is actually easier than I thought. Aside from bullying freshmen and watching freshmen be bullied, I just don't see school as exciting. I'm still going to go for more extra-curricular activities, just to give myself a reason to go to school. All I have to say now is school sucks, my 4th period teacher is friggen gorgeous, and niners should stop shitting themselves.
 now more pictures I like from Derek Yu

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Late post *Sad Face*

I'm sorry for already disrupting my post schedule so early. Plans seem to always arise left and right. Ever hear this before? "The best laid schemes of mice and men". Oh, well you haven't? Well just go here and read this poem by Robert Burns. Also "Of Mice and Men". Because of the lack of todays content, I'll make it up by typing something up tomorrow. Enjoy this link instead.
Weird Japanese Stuff

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Traveling the World to Find.......... Yourself

      Ever since I was really young traveling the world was always on the top of my list.  Like flying to Nepal to climb Mount Everest, going to France to see the Eiffel tower, or to explore Angel Falls in Venezuela. It's the pure experience of exploring and that attracts me to more remote areas. That's why when I was younger, I would stray off nature trails when i went to a campsite or nature preserve.  Though I would also like to visit cities with a lot of night life Vegas, cities with more culture to share is where I would like to go. Learning about how people live their lives in their own country including how they earn a living and their leisurely activities is a lot more interesting to me than people who live similarly to me. Thats probably why towns and villages with an "old world" way of life attract me so well, because I don't want to be reminded about how my life is, but how others live theirs.

Well, once I make enough money and have the time to explore, I'll go and travel the world. Maybe first a road trip across Canada with my friends.
Until then here's a somewhat related music video:
Rush- Fly by Night