Monday, August 30, 2010

A Great start and erm.......Ovaltine buscuits

             Have you ever had an ovaltine biscuit? It's one of the most delicious things you'll ever have, especially with a cool glass of milk.The only place I've ever bought them was a Chinese grocery. So.........go there and buy them now! Or at least after you've read this post.  

Now on to something more important.
Today I log on to type up a new post and I see that I've already attained 20 followers. That's great considering that this is only my second post. I'll be sure to keep you all entertained to the best of my ability (meaning not very well). I'm hoping that more people would become a follower of my blog. As much i would like that to happen, I can't force anyone to join


  1. great post today really glad i followed you. you should view my new update on my blog its really good maybe even comment

  2. im gonna have to come here more often!

    great post!

  3. Never heard of them before interesting.

  4. I thought the same thing.. but it certainly inspired me to actually start writing alot of stuff!

    I suppose that's an upside to a blog, you don't have to go through a editor or publisher, and you can speak your mind freely about whatever.
    I'll keep an eye on this blog though ;)

  5. Anyone who likes cookies deserves to followed.

  6. This is a great post man! checking in on my daily rounds to show some real love for you. oh and i made a new minecraft blog maybe you check it out